Monday, February 13, 2012

The Craft Cave

Here is what my new craft cave looked like before the rennovation,
use to be the closet in our spare room.
I wish I would of been able to get a picture of the lovely gold metal framed mirror doors it had.
But my hubby took them out before I could snap a picture LOL.

Some shelving removed and nice new paint job,
I love that aqua breeze with the brown.

New shelving installed and the handmade work space my hubby made me.
He's so awesome to me I love him to pieces.

All done! 


  1. Your room looks terrific--my hubby just finished mine off this weekend, too!! Hubbys like that are the best!!! ;)

    1. thanks Missy and yes hand hubbys are super awesome. Of course everytime he wants to make me something it means he gets a new tool LOL, so we both win =-)