Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Silhouette

Decided I wanted to make some personalized silhouette's for some Halloween decorations.
Here is my hubby's. I've also started one of me and our lil dog.

First I took a side profile picture of my hubby, as close as I could with the least amount of background.
I printed out the picture on my computer on 4x6 photo paper in black and white.

I then outlined the profile using a sharpie.
Then I filled in the entire outline and then cut it out.

I used a foam brush and Elmer's glue to completely cover the cut out silhouette.
Then covered it in Martha Stewart glitter in Onyx and set it aside to dry.

After it completely dried I placed a scrapbook stack ontop of it with a few things to weigh
it down because, the photo paper will curl after you glue on the glitter.

I used the Martha Stewart Halloween paper stack that I purchase at Michaels.

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